Welcome to The Innovative Practice

Your one-stop shop for starting, growing, and innovating private practice.

As a mental health professional, you can do good work AND be successful. The Innovative Practice is here to help you do both.

The Innovative Philosophy

Here’s an innovative idea… why don’t you create the practice you want, instead of the practice others say you should have?

Did you know that there are lots of successful private practices? And that they don’t all look the same? That’s because those successful practices are an extension of the therapist behind them.

Do you love social media, and want to reach clients across several platforms?

Do you want to have so many clients knocking at your door that you have a waitlist?

Do you want to have a huge group practice with you at the helm?

Do you want to write newsletters, blog posts, and ebooks?

Do you want to see a variety of clients with a variety of issues?

Do you want to do ALL THE THINGS you could possibly do to grow your practice and keep it fresh?










The point is, your practice will not be successful if you’re doing things that don’t feel like an authentic expression of you. No, you don’t have to do social media if you don’t want to. No, you don’t need a bazillion offerings online. No, you don’t have to reach a practice with so many clients that you’re constantly handing out referrals.

Your vision of success may be drastically different than the the other therapist’s you know, and that’s totally okay! There are more than enough clients to go around, and clients will be drawn to your specific style – if you know what it is and use it to your advantage.

Let’s figure out who you are, what’s holding you back, and what to do next to make your practice successful – whatever that may look like.

How I Can Help

Individual Consultation

Use one-on-one consultations to get you moving and seeing results. Whether you’re just starting a private practice, wanting to grow your existing practice, or just trying to figure out how to bring a new idea to life, I can help move you forward.

Website / Profile Review

I’ll look over your website or advertising profile (Psychology Today, for example) and give you a detailed review of what is and isn’t working, along with some ideas to help you stand out and reach your ideal client. If you want me to help you with making changes, I’m happy to do so.

Group Consultation

Don’t want to go it alone? You can meet once a month with a small group of professionals who are at a similar stage in their practice. You’ll receive added support and accountability in a group setting.

Office Space Review

I’ll come to your office and have a look around. We’ll determine whether or not your office is meeting the therapeutic needs of your clients, and what you can do to make it the perfect reflection of you and the work you do.


“I began my practice in the dark ages, i.e., before the internet. I was quick to build a website for my practice when it became possible, so I’m not a novice to private practice or the use of the internet. That being said, my comfort with website publishing skills did not suffice for an effective web presence. I knew I needed an independent evaluation and consultation from someone else. Kimberly reviewed what I was doing and provided an insightful analysis. She meticulously reviewed all the content of my site and then raised thought provoking questions about my objectives and goals. She also offered improvements on content and design, and helped me build a new site. The interaction was immensely helpful in having a fresh perspective on my material. I am so much happier with my site after implementing her recommendations.”   – David, Ed.D, Middle TN Psychology

shoutouts “Kimberly made the whole process of understanding how to build a practice simplistic, and less overwhelming. I wasn’t sure where to start, and relied on ‘hope-marketing.’ I learned invaluable information, from how to market my practice, to building a website, and to creating my niche. Kimberly helped me to create a plan with realistic goals to make the process less daunting. I was provided with encouragement and support throughout the entire process. Since working with her, I have already added three new clients to my caseload! I am confident that with everything I have learned, my goal of having a full-time private practice will become a reality. I would highly recommend consultation services with The Innovative Practice.” – Jessica, MA, Jessica Armitage Counseling